Music industry hits low note as pop blends together

By Nick Pike  9/15/10

og.jpg Tyler Neumann

The evolution of music over the decades has split musicians into two groups – the artists who stay true to their music and those who conform in order to make money.

I’ve heard many say that today’s mainstream music has turned into a jumble of remixes and auto-tunes that lack originality and creativity.

If you look at music since its birth, it can be compared to a seed. A single seed that was planted beginning with the religious groups praising their deities with vocal chants and praises.

Over time it grew into a thriving tree until today where it has branched off into innumerable sprigs.

From classical, to folk, to rock ’n’ roll and more, music variety has exploded as our cultures have used it as an avenue of expressionism.

Today we have access to so many hybrids of music that it’s overwhelming to comprehend.

However, for many musicians to be heard on the radio and turn out top selling records, they have to conform to what the mass public wants to hear.

Whether it’s rock, hip-hop, country or something in between, I don’t see much distinction between the top players of the industry.

If you turn on the radio, go to a party or let loose at a local watering hole, the music being played is generally the same and can be consolidated into a very short list of artists and songs.

It seems fewer and fewer artists write their own material anymore and most instrumentals are taken off of a soundboard with computerized beats. If an artist wants to be a star, he has to compromise his artistic ways and blend in with the crowd.

Art has always battled between individual expressionism and popular appreciation over the years.

So will our thriving tree continue to sprout more branches of expression or will the masses settle for the same reoccurring noise that we are spoon-fed and leave our tree to dwindle to a few distinct limbs?

Musicians are considered artists for a reason – music is a form of art. It’s a mixing of vocals and instrumentals that are put together in such a way to induce harmonic euphoria.

Music is what we listen to to keep away the troubles in our lives, part of how we connect and define who we are. That’s why it’s so crucial to keep all forms of music alive and accessible because if we don’t, everything deemed different and “unpopular” will fall by the wayside.

By limiting our intake of all the great genres of music, the personalities will merge and people will have one less way to distinguish themselves from one another.

It’s an issue of individualism – that’s why it is great to see new artists break out onto the scene constantly and get mass exposure.

This is true especially in Chico where we have access to a variety of underground venues, but how long will those unknowns keep playing if they want industry success but don’t conform and can’t compete with the Ke$has and GaGas of the world?

Every musician starts as an artist, from a high-school garage band to choir girls to the kids writing lyrical poetry during class.

But along the way, the craving to give the world your soul through music and set yourself apart from the rest broke away to the showers of green that the record man promises if you would just tweak your style.

We represent the soil, sun and water that will keep this tree of musical variety flourishing. Let’s not take a vacation and expect it to feed itself.


One Response to “Music industry hits low note as pop blends together”

  1. Thomas Marolda Says:

    I’ve been searching for the golden grail which would define my life and you have delivered it to me. Thanks for explaining my existence in this day and age.
    Tommy Marolda

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