End of an Era: Remember These? The Top 10+ Music Magazines That ‘Literally Folded’

Paste suspended its print edition last week, but traditional music magazines have been suffering for years.  Here are the top 10 storied music mags forced to stop the physical presses.

See how many you can remember…

(10) Creem

Once “America’s Only Rock n’ Roll Magazine,” Creem folded after seriously cranking the volume in the 70s and 80s.

(9) Cash Box

Cash Box was a venerable chart-compiler for decades, but ultimately stopped cha-chinging in the 90s.

(8) Rap Pages

Hip-hop was hot in the 90s, but Rap Pages ultimately got burned.  It still exists online.

(7) Notorious

One memorable cover, one hard-to-remember magazine.  The Diddy project folded without much notoriety.

(6) Radio & Records (R&R)

This broadcast authority succumbed to the perfect storm of a radio, recording, and print downturn.  It was folded into Billboard last year.

(5) Record World

Record World never quite transitioned into the CD era, but it once offered serious competition to Billboard and Cash Box.

(4) No Depression

This roots, alt-country and Americana mag folded after 13 years, thanks to serious advertising declines.  It remains online.

(3) Paste

Paste rallied readers to keep the lights on last year, but ultimately suspended print. The online version continues.

(2) Vibe

Actually, Vibe recently came back from the dead, and maintains an online presence as well. Here’s to print resurrection…

(1) Blender

This Maxim cousin understood the power of skin, yet some still read it for the articles. Subscriptions were halted last year.



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