Lady Gaga, producer end dueling NY lawsuits

Dareh Gregorian  NY Post  9/10/10

She may not want to be friends, but “Bad Romance” singer Lady Gaga doesn’t want to be enemies with her former boyfriend and producer either.

The pop superstar has buried the hatchet with “Paparazzi” co-writer and ex Rob Fusari, and has settled their dueling lawsuits.

The terms of the deal were not released.

In a joint statement, their reps said, “Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari have agreed to end their dispute amicably and wish each other well. There will be no further comment by either of them.”

Fusari filed a $30 million suit against Gaga this past March, claiming he helped develop “guidette” Stefani Germanotta into the superstar she is today — and even came up with her world-famous stage name.

Fusari says the pair dated for about a year, and that he hooked her up with Interscope Records, where she’s become a megastar. He said the deals he signed with Gaga called for him to get 15-20 percent of her earnings, but that as of this past March, he’d only gotten one check for $209,000.

Gaga, 24, answered her ex with her own lawsuit a day later, claiming the much older and more business savvy says Fusari “induced” her into an “unlawful arrangement” where he would receive 20 percent of the earnings from her first four albums as well as producer fees, even if he didn’t produce the records.

She was asking a judge to declare the deal to be declared “void and unenforceable.”

Fusari’s suit claimed he was the one who worked with Germanotta to change her hard rock style into what it is today. Earlier this week, the mother of another teen Fusari worked with, Lina Morgana, charged that Gaga had ripped off many of her daughter’s looks. Morgana, who’d worked with Gaga on about a dozen songs, committed suicide in October of 2008, just as her former pal was starting to hit it big.



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